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At Lyrical Asset Management we aim to maximize long-term returns through fundamental value investing. Our repeatable process has been refined over decades to focus on the most important drivers of return: current price and future earnings. We sift through the cheapest stocks to find the gems amidst the junk, resulting in portfolios that exhibit both cheap valuation and attractive quality and growth.

Investment Strategies

Lyrical offers active strategies rooted in value for US Equity, International Equity, Global Equity, and Global Impact Equity. Additionally, we offer a passive approach based on the Lyrical U.S. Value Index. 

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Lyrical Asset Management is an independently owned organization founded on the basis of a multi-decade friendship between our Founders. Our people, their character, and their judgment, naturally underpin all we do. We hope that, for the decades to come, our investors are as proud of and confident in our team as we are.

A multi-decade friendship serves as the bedrock of Lyrical Asset Management.

Our Strategies

U.S. Value Equity

  • 33 U.S. listed stocks
  • Selected from largest 1,000
  • Pure bottom up

International Value Equity

  • 25-40 international listed stocks
  • Selected from largest 1,500 non U.S. developed market stocks
  • Pure bottom up

Global Value Equity

  • 55-75 global listed stocks
  • Selected from largest 1,000 U.S. and 1,500 non U.S.
  • Pure bottom up

Impact (Global Impact Value Equity Strategy, GIVES)

  • 20-35 global listed stocks
  • Selected from 2,500 of the largest companies in the world’s developed markets
  • Pure bottom up
  • Environmental and social impact characteristics

Passive ETF

  • 200 U.S. listed stocks
  • Selected from the largest 1,000 U.S. stocks
  • Lowest NTM P/E
  • Reconstructed quarterly