Who We Are

Value investing is not just what we do, it is who we are

Founded in 2008, we are an independent investment manager, purely focused on value investing. We manage concentrated portfolios with low turnover and little overlap with peers or benchmarks. Our strategies include U.S. Value, International Value, Global Value and Global Impact.

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Jeff Keswin and Andrew Wellington graduate from the University of Pennsylvania’s Management & Technology Program


Jeff establishes Lyrical Partners


Jeff and Andrew launch Lyrical Asset Management (LAM), in the midst of the Global Financial Crisis


Lyrical opens its first client portfolio, with $5 million


LAM launches its first UCITS vehicle


LAM launches its first mutual fund, LYRIX


LAM launches International, Global, and GIVES portfolios


LAM manages $6.5 billion

A Foundation of Friendship

Lyrical Asset Management (LAM) continues a thirty-plus-year friendship of its founders, Jeffrey Keswin and Andrew Wellington. Jeff and Andrew met as classmates in the University of Pennsylvania’s Management and Technology Program, where they studied finance, management, and systems engineering in Penn’s Wharton School and School of Engineering. They became apartment-mates as they launched their careers in New York City, toiling first as junior analysts in investment banking and management consulting, respectively. Little did they know that some 18 years later they would launch an asset management firm together.

LAM embodies Jeff and Andrew’s entrepreneurial spirit and unconventional perspectives on the practice and business of investment management.