Smart, Curious, Experienced, Analytical…and Kind and Hospitable

At LAM we aspire to excellence. Our processes, portfolios and people reflect our desire to think independently, analytically, and unconventionally.

The investment team is staffed with smart, curious, experienced analysts who are business generalists and value investing specialists. Most firms divide research responsibilities among their analysts, but at LAM we duplicate. Our portfolio concentration and low turnover enable everyone on the team to analyze and opine on every stock. This approach is not efficient, but it is effective, as we invite informed spirited debate on portfolio decisions.

We aspire to excellence in our investment performance and, likewise, LAM’s client relations, operations, and administrative teams aspire to the same standard. LAM is committed to a supportive, kind workplace, to diversity and respect, and to continuously growing and improving, however we can. We derive tremendous joy and satisfaction from the culture that pervades LAM.