General Insights [[{“value”:” 

The simplest way to summarize our investment approach is that we seek to own the gems amid the junk. It is all about getting more for less. More quality and earnings growth for lower valuations.
To our core, we are value investors. We seek to own the cheapest stocks in our universe, because the cheapest stocks historically have had the highest returns. Incredibly, in the U.S. the cheapest stocks have outperformed the S&P 500 by nearly 400 bps per annum over the last 40+ years. Over that same period, the cheapest stocks outside the U.S. did even better, and outperformed the MSCI EAFE by over 400 bps per annum.
While cheap stocks have been strong performers, they are often junky companies with low quality characteristics and low earnings growth. Despite these weaker fundamentals, the cheapest stocks still have outperformed over most time periods, and by a wide margin.
This counterintuitive outperformance is driven by the cheap stocks being too cheap. Yes, most of these stocks deserve lower valuation multiples than the rest of the market, but they are so unpopular that their multiples become too low. Over time, these stocks see their multiples expand from “too low” to appropriately low, and that expansion is what has driven their strong performance.
While most of the cheapest stocks are junk, within that junkyard there are gems waiting to be discovered. These gems are companies that have the quality and growth characteristics of pricier stocks, yet their valuations are in line with the cheapest stocks. Undeniably, these gems are rare exceptions that take effort and skill to discover, but they do exist. Given that the cheap junk has outperformed over time, we expect these cheap gems to outperform by even more.
By owning the gems amid the junk, we have built portfolios with the uncommon combination of both deep value and quality growth characteristics. This combination is quantifiable and demonstrates our investment proposition relative to our peers. Compared to most of our peer group, especially those that closely track the value benchmarks, our portfolio not only has a lower P/E valuation, but also a superior earnings growth profile.
Finding gems amid the junk. Getting more for less. That is our formula for success.”}]]